On the west coast of Sweden lies Kennel Snowshoe’s who has raised dogs at home since 1982. At that time I had two American cocker spaniels, today the number has increased to eight with ages between 1˝ to 11 years of age.

The kennel has since 1995 been on the Swedish breeders club top-10 list.

1996 I was the forth-best breeder, I also had the best American cocker spaniel 1997, Snowshoe´s Waltzing Matilda. 1998 I had the best American cocker male, Snowshoe´s Such Aha. Since 1998 has the kennel produced 12 new champions and I chose quality before quantity.

My motto:
I want to race healthy dogs. Without my dog buyers I would never have this success.
Cathrine Uhrberg